Certification & Standards

Patriots is commited to meeting the worlds most stringent requirments for Monitoring Stations including ASIAL Grade 1, UK Standards and UL certification

United States UL Certification

Patriot software has been UL compliant and meeting US Insurance company requirements since 2005 and has an ongoing commitment to quality assurance and standards worldwide.

Patriot 6 is UL classified for UL 1981, revision 3

  • UL Revision 3 compliant
  • UL Report Templates are Available including UL Incident reports and report formats
  • Includes UL Report Workstation options, Operator Password requirements, Runaway alarm features, HA and Clustering Availability + more
  • Patriot UL Module required

Patriot UL Certifciation Document

United Kingdom Standards

Patriot Systems has been developed to meet the requirements for stations to operator in the United Kingdom.

  • Meets United Kingdom Standards
  • UK Report Templates Available
  • Redcare Module Available
  • Supports Confirmed Alarms, Alarm Reset codes, Police URNs, UK Incident Reports & Cash Interface.
  • Patriot UK Module required

Australian Standards Grade 1

Patriot Systems meets the requirements for the Grade 1 rating for stations in Australia.

  • Meets Grade 1 Alarm Monitoring Software requirements
  • Report Templates Available for ASIAL reports
  • HA / Clustering Redundancy options and Signal Auditing and Logging to meet Grade 1 requirements
  • No Additional Module required, Enterprise or Enterprise Module required for advanced HA options
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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

Patriot Videos


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Patriot Systems develops and markets industry leading Security Alarm Monitoring Automation software. The company was established in 1997, although development of the software began four years prior. Today, Patriot is recognised as a world leader in Alarm Monitoring Software.

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